Here are some of the best activities to do during your honeymoon in Greece!

Greece is the ideal romantic getaway for your honeymoon. Surround yourselves with the azure sea Mediterranean sun.


Known for its bubbling waters rich in minerals, the village of Loutra Edipsos is the perfect place to celebrate your honeymoon in a romantic setting. More than 80 thermal springs with water temperature varying between 28°C and 85°Care open to visitors. This beautiful island is accessible by plane from Athens.

Surrounded by the blue expanse of the ocean and the green hills of this fairy island, you can enjoy seawater and mineral water therapy. Enhance the experience with a mud bath, a dip in the springs or a relaxing session in the jacuzzi with your beloved. A sunset stroll on the beach of Edipsos will complete your honeymoon in Greece.

Extend your wedding celebrations by visiting the surrounding area, rich in history, culture and archaeology. A short distance from the village, you can visit the Saint George's Monastery, an architectural treasure from the 13th century. Climb to the top of this 450-metre high building and experience a plunging view of the Gulf of Evia.

Did you know?

The therapeutic virtues of the waters at Edipsos are the subject of many legends from Greek mythology. It is said that the goddess Athena asked her brother Hephaestus to create the Baths of Edipsos so that her favourite hero, Hercules, could rest there after his victories. It is also said that the baths were a source of fertility for the goddesses.


If you want to celebrate your honeymoon in Greece in an unusual and breath-taking setting, visit this chain of seven volcanic islands, totally uninhabited and lined with greenery.

Stroll along the water's edge on deserted beaches with lush vegetation – a beautiful intimate setting far from the urban hustle and bustle of Athens.

Make sure you visit the beach of Monolia where you will discover protected species of seals basking on the sand and scuba diving enthusiasts may spot a few wrecks during their exploration!

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Perched on a hill, Limni offers a wonderful setting surrounded by the sea and vast wooded areas. This beautiful setting is said to have been the wedding venue for Zeus and Hera.

Take a walk along the quays to immerse yourself in the local life and watch a magnificent sunset from one of the many cafés and ouzeries.

Treat yourself to a trip to the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, 10 km from the village. Founded in the 17th century on the ruins of a temple of Poseidon, it houses remarkable frescoes, including the Last Judgement.

A romantic Mediterranean getaway for your honeymoon in Greece offers wonderful beaches, a taste the country's gastronomic delights and a rich history of the traditional villages.

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