Planning to visit Greece with your family, but don't know what to do?

Greece and its rich history offer a range of possibilities: museums, archaeological sites, excursions in nature, nautical activities, heavenly beaches and more! Whether you are passionate about history or a fan of relaxing holidays, your children won't be bored for a single second during your trip to Greece!


Greek museums are perfectly adapted to children. It's an opportunity for them to discover history in a different way than in school. Young and old will be captivated by the stories around the statues of Greek gods, gladiator helmets and pottery.

At the Archaeological Museum of Athens, your children will discover Greek Antiquity and admire the mask of Agamemnon. The Hellenic Museum gives children the chance to learn while having fun through reconstitutions of the subway, bakery workshop and trying on costumes from the past – fun and educational.

The Acropolis Museum presents numerous models, including a Lego reproduction of the Acropolis that will delight everyone!

Does your family prefer music to history? Visit the Museum of Popular Instruments in Athens for a fun exhibit of nearly 200 instruments. The best thing about the Greek museums is that they are often located in beautiful and intriguing settings, like ancient palaces.


In Athens, the Acropolis is a must see. The Parthenon and other ancient temples, such as the Akena Polias, are perched on this hill. At its foot is the Agora, the political and commercial heart of the ancient city. Mount Lycabetta will offer you a 360° view of the city and your children will have fun trying to figure out where you have been.

Another unforgettable experience is the changing of the Evzones, the guards of the Parliament. Dressed in their traditional costume of white tights, skirts and tassels on the toes of their shoes, the guards change every hour in front of the Parliament. Your children will love their choreographed parade.

Greece has many other interesting towns and villages, like Epidaurus and its 14,000-person theatre. Your children will be delighted to test the excellent acoustics of the theatre. The Cycladic archipelago’s beautiful islands promise more interesting sights, like Santorini’s famous white houses, cave dwellings and blue domed churches. A trip to the Meteora will dazzle your children. This rock formation was created by erosion and monasteries have even been built on top of some of these rocks!

Did you know?

Lamia has a unique history in a 5th century castle, an 18th century church and a 15th century monastery. Lamia is a creature from Greek mythology. Its legend is about a woman who transforms into a monstrous creature who often attacks men.

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Fortunately, Greece has many islands and idyllic beaches if you prefer relaxation to history, with loads of water activities to choose from, including windsurfing, surfing, snorkelling, boat trips, catamaran trips and kayaking.

If you prefer land-based activities, go to the Attica Zoological Park near Athens, where more than 200 animals from five continents live. You should also visit the national garden and the Hellenic Cosmos – a three-dimensional virtual tour of ancient Greece that will delight your children.

There’s clearly no shortage of activities and places in Greece to delight your family.

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