Opt for excursions in Turkey, discovering an exciting cultural heritage

Have you been dreaming for a long time of visiting Turkey, this land rich in culture and breathtaking landscapes? Discover the vestiges of Byzantium, and follow in the footsteps of the great figures of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is a country that offers unexpected experiences from north to south. Whether you set your sights on Bodrum, Izmir, Antalya or Analya, you'll have a great time in a country that has lived through centuries of history.


Feel like a thrill ride? Go on a day trip to the Ucansu waterfalls on board a 4x4 to face the harshness of the Taurus mountains.
You will cross traditional villages at high altitude to reach the marvellous "Flying Waterfall ", a real jewel of nature. In a scented atmosphere of pine trees and mountain flowers, plunge into the crystalline waters of the Ucansu waterfalls, a natural basin in the middle of virgin nature.

A little boat trip in the Byzantine era ? It's time to leave for the Port of Kevova, nicknamed "the Turquoise Coast". On board a glass bottom boat, embark on a boat trip to discover the submerged city of Kevova: buildings, stairs, all those living places that still remain under the sea, and that will make you travel back in time. This ancient Lycian city still has a visible part of the island. You will discover the ruins of the fortifications as well as some monumental gates that give a glimpse of an authentic Byzantine church.

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Bodrum is a city located in the southeast of Turkey, ideal for a **boat trip on the coastal.

Want to be in the shoes of a pirate during a trip? Try the "** pirate boat trip "** from Bodrum to explore the picturesque sites around Black Island. In this famous "black island" you can bask in the hot springs of the Kara Ada Cave.

After a short canoe trip on the waves or camel ride on Camel beach, head to Aquarium Bay for a swim with the fish. The turquoise water is so clear that water sports enthusiasts feel like they are in a giant aquarium. If you like snorkeling, it's time to put on your mask, snorkel and flippers and let yourself be carried away by the movement of the crystal clear water... This will put a smile on your children's faces.

Would you like another scenery of Turkey just as breathtaking? Head for the geological wonder of ** Pamukkale** with the sweet name of "cotton castle ". These white pools were formed by the flow of hot spring waterfalls that left limestone layers on the rocks.

Did you know?

Mark Antony named Pamukkale "Cleopatra's Pool" because the queen would have bathed in this pool and would have ordered that the water from this pool be brought to Rome!


At 2 hours from Bodrum, discover the ancient city of Ephesus, near Kusadasi. During this day, lovers of old stones will be dazzled by the temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Better than a history lesson, experience a true return to the Hellenic and Roman era: the Herakles columns (Hercules), the Fountain of Traianus, the latrines (toilets of the ancient period), and other scholastic baths... So many monuments which will make you discover the rich culture of ancient Greece, for your greatest happiness.

On your way back from Ephesus, don't forget to stop at the Saint John Basilica, at the top of the hill of Ayasuluk, where Saint John wrote his Gospel. His tomb, dating from the 4th century, is still there.

To end your visit, visit the Isa Bey Carnii Mosque in Ayasoluk, near Ephesus. Built in 1375 to compete with St. John's Basilica, this mosque remains intact with its pink granite columns and its magnificent Seljuk-inspired door.

The place to discover

The house of the Virgin Mary is the place where the Blessed Virgin spent the last moments of her life. A true place of pilgrimage, you will climb the hill of Bülbül Dag to meditate there. Mary chose this place, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the cities, to spread Christianity and live her last days in peace.

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