Discovering a luxuriant nature and culture

A trip to Bali is to marvel at lush nature and ancestral temples, but also to contemplate wild animals and let yourself be carried away by the Indonesian way of life. Here are our favorite excursions in Bali.


"Located in the south of Bali, Ubud seduces with its ** landscape of undulating rice terraces**. It is one of the most beautiful rice fields to make an excursion to Bali in the middle of nature. Far from the crowds, you can walk or cycle in a preserved setting where the farmers - more numerous than the tourists - often reward you with a smile. In front of you, the plantations, bordered by coconut trees, complete this paradisiacal stage.
Ubud is also the bastion of many artists who have come to exhibit their **paintings in the art galleries flourishing on the country lanes. Take a look: maybe you will leave with one of the famous batiks, these cloths decorated with various traditional scenes.
Take a detour to Goa Gajah, a temple in the heart of a cave at the edge of the jungle. You will discover one of the oldest historical monuments in Bali, a **mixture of two cultures, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Did you know?

Every evening, traditional Balinese dance performances take place all over the city, under the astonished eyes of hundreds of spectators. Watch the eye movement of the dancers' eyes as they gracefully accompany their movements to the sound of intriguing music and an impressive parade of colours...


"At Tegallalang, ferns and tall grasses nestle in the heart of deep valleys criss-crossed by rivers, and the rizières seem to cling to the gorge flats dominating the vegetation. One of the inescapable of this site remains undeniably the large swings on which one settles in moving in the vacuum, above a spectacular nature. An unforgettable souvenir inoubliable which will appear on your most beautiful travel photos.
Also take the time to discover the local handicraft which, like Ubud, is developing quite well in the region. Tegallalang is a real s
anctuary for Balinese sculptors** working with wood and other materials. Bamboo carillons, palm leaf photo albums and other carved fruits are among the original souvenirs to bring back from your excursions in Bali."

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"From the top of its 3,100 meters, Mount Agung dominates the island. Experienced hikers can enjoy its ascent from the village of Selat or the Besakih temple (the two main starting points). The first route will allow you to reach the crater rim but without reaching the highest ridge. The latter is only accessible from Besakih, which offers us the possibility to admire the panoramic view over the island of Lombok and the south of Bali from the summit. A breathtaking sight... Any advice? Leave at night to watch the magnificent sunrise over the volcano.
If you don't feel like climbing this impressive mountain, you also have the possibility to take the small road from Redang to Putung, halfway up the slope. It passes through very pretty traditional villages on the edge of rizières and also has some spectacular viewpoints."

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