An overview of the best dive sites in Turkey!

Turkey, with its miles of coastline, is a dreamed and still confidential place to try scuba diving. Explore the best spots to discover the underwater fauna and flora, and enjoy a diving experience in Turkey that you won't soon forget.


If you wish to go on a diving excursion in Turkey and discover several spots during a boat trip, choose a tour on the Mediterranean coast. A piece of advice: stop in Bodrum, at the crossroads between the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, in Marmaris and in Fethiye.

When it comes to activities, in Bodrum you can see loggerhead turtles, but also several species of groupers - there are no less than six of them. At Fethiye, if you are lucky, you may see "flounder fish", recognizable by their slender shape, as well as "parrot fish", a rare species with "flaming scales". Marmaris, on the other hand, offers magnificent and transparent water.

The best time for your trip and diving in Turkey is between June and September, when the water temperature is around 20°C. You will enjoy good visibility to a depth of 40 meters.
On the southern coast of Turkey, the fauna and flora differ in every part of the Aegean coastline, and you will enjoy relatively transparent waters for a visual and sensory experience.

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The city of Kas is located in the west of Antalya, on the southwest coast of Turkey. Very quiet, this small fishing port little known to tourists enjoys a **typical and relaxing atmosphere. As far as diving sites are concerned, Kas is surrounded by several spots accessible by boat. The water is very clear and of unequalled transparency. Off the coast of the town, the remains of an ancient city are not to be missed. You can also take a boat to the wild island of Kekova, famous for its stone tombs.

For diving, we can then mention the Capa Banko sites, at -30 meters, where you will cross grouper banks, the Flying fish site, at -34 meters, where magnificent mother-of-pearl can be observed... but also many divers!

On the side of the remnants, there is a very beautiful wreck well preserved from a cargo ship at around 40 meters deep, at the Wreck Canyon spot. Deeper still, Junker 52, at -62 meters, contains the remains of a German tanker sunk during the Second World War, and good for photos!

Did you know?

During your scuba dives off Kas, you will encounter many remains: pottery, amphoras, sculptures, but also wrecks and ruins of monuments. So many traces of the history of a country rich in heritage to be discovered and protected during your excursions.


95 kilometres south of Izmir, Kusadasi is one of the cultural centres on the country's west coast. Located off the Aegean Sea, the city is an ideal diving destination in Turkey.

This seaside resort is surrounded by archaeological vestiges, the most famous of which are Paradise Reef and Adakule, also known as "The Caves". This type of landscape is common in the Turkish seabed, and adds a special charm to the discovery of flora and fauna. On the fish side, you will be able to see tritons, groupers and lobsters: a real visual experience!

The Pamuçak diving spot, at only 25 meters deep, offers a superb glimpse of rare marine species and makes it a perfect destination for photo enthusiasts.
The Aegean Sea has typically Mediterranean flora and is also home to dolphins and tuna. It is also the habitat of the langoustes, the flagship crustaceans of the Turkish seabed on the European side. This spot is perfect for a day's diving, both for the experienced and the less experienced.

Preferred destinations for beginner divers

For novice divers, Turkey offers easily accessible and shallow spots with an interesting underwater diversity. Off the coast of Kusadasi, for example, there is Adabanko, 10 metres deep, and Barbaros, also around 10 metres deep, both of low difficulty.

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