Diving in the Maldives: the must-see spots of the archipelago

When you think of the Maldives, many idyllic images come to mind: crystal-clear waters, multicoloured fish, white sandy beaches. Anyone who is sensitive to the beauty of nature cannot help but be captivated by the unique beauty of the archipelago and the richness of its seabed. Discover this pearl of the Indian Ocean for a diving trip to the Maldives that you will remember.


If there is an emblematic Maldives dive to be done in the North Male atoll, it is the Banana Reef spot. Even if the site as a whole is full of treasures, some specificities are to be known.

Favour a dive to the North-East of the reef, the marine life is rich and shelters multiple caves. In this area, you will observe schools of fish such as gregarious gregarious coachmen, or butterfly fish with black and white stripes. It is a sensational sight when they swirl around you in droves.

Many species are present: sharks, barracudas, but also moray eels or groupers, on the side of the caves and all along the reef. This place benefits from calm currents and excellent visibility.

Do you want to live a diving experience full of unforgettable memories? Banana Reef is the absolute reference in terms of dive sites. It will delight beginners as well as more experienced divers.

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Located in the south-east of the North Male atoll, let yourself be captivated by the exceptional marine fauna of Nassimo Thila. You can descend to a depth of 25 meters and admire the most beautiful caves and rock formations. What makes this underwater wonder so interesting?

The observation of the coloured coral blocks. They are home to countless schools of fish: soldier fish, gaterins, napoleons. Still around these blocks of coral, we can also see an unusual species of shark: the sleeper shark!

If you go up to the 10 meters depth, another spectacle awaits you: the turtle refuge.


There are several locations on Baa Atoll. Thila's is one of the most interesting, as it offers 3 levels of depth. A nice spectacle is offered to you from 15 meters: tunas, jacks, grey sharks.

Then comes Muthaafushi Caves, accessible to beginners: here you will find a maze of tunnels and chimneys, a surprising trip among soldier fish and stingrays! The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the splendour of the black coral shrubs.

To complete the exploration of Baa Atoll, don't forget the sites of Donfan Thila and also Fares and the beauty of its soft corals.

Visit Mudhoo Island in Baa Atoll

While the Maldives remains the Eldorado for divers, there are other ways to enjoy the aquatic joys of the Maldives. To spice up your diving holiday, try a day's swimming in the warm waters of Mudhoo Island. At nightfall, enjoy a unique spectacle: thousands of small crustaceans light up. Another unusual activity to do at dusk is night fishing.


"Shipwreck watching is also one of the must-see shows in the Maldives. The most famous ship is the Victory, which ran aground on a sandy bottom at a depth of 35 metres. Although this dive site enjoys good visibility, it remains difficult due to its strong currents and is therefore reserved for expert divers.

To see the wreck from every angle, several descents will be necessary. Coral has invaded the inside of the ship, giving rise to unusual shapes. On your way back up, take a last look overlooking the wreck: thrills guaranteed. Around the stranded ship, life is abundant: groupers, lion-fish, and fusiliers provide a beautiful spectacle.

The Maldives is a paradise in its purest form. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean seduces by its underwater fauna and the beauty of its coral reef. A desire for adventure and authenticity seizes you then facing the immensity of the ocean. A unique and unforgettable experience to enjoy a colorful and emotional stay. "

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A meal to end your diving day in the Maldives?

To recover from your emotions, taste a Mas Huni, certainly the most popular of the archipelago. It is eaten at breakfast, accompanied by bread (Roshi). It is a crushed tuna, coconut, with onions and chilli pepper. To accompany your dish, try the local drink: raa, a juice from the trunk of a palm tree.

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