Discover the climate in Indonesia to better prepare your stay according to your desires!

Indonesia consists of a multitude of islands that form a paradise destination in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With a climate sometimes tropical, sometimes equatorial, nature is green and its fauna and flora are rich and varied. Here is everything you need to know about the Indonesian climate before you plan your trip.


"Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and has 18,306 islands to date. The climate in Indonesia is mainly tropical with some differences for some islands which have a more equatorial climate.

The year is divided between the wet season (rainy season) and another dry season. Indonesia is a region that remains humid all year round.

On the island of Bali, the dry season starts in May and ends in November. This period gives to see green landscapes and nature in all its splendour. It is not uncommon to see a few showers during the dry season. The rainy season extends from January to April.

The island of Lombok is more affected during this wet season (November to May). On the island of Java, it rains almost every day during this season. However, the weather in Indonesia remains mild all year round with mild temperatures and sunshine throughout the archipelago."

Did you know?

There are more than 500 volcanoes in the Indonesian archipelago. If a visit to an active volcano is a thrilling excursion, your trip to Indonesia should fill you with excitement. Thus, you will have the opportunity to survey the slopes of many volcanoes such as Agung, Batur, Ijen or Bromo.


July and August in Bali are highly crowded with travellers. The weather in Indonesia is optimal. To take advantage of a favorable climate out of tourist season, the periods of April to June and October to November are ideal. Rainfall is then scarcer and temperatures are around 30°C.

If you go to the Java Island, you should know that the climate is warm and humid all year round. Java has temperatures between 25°C and 32°C. If the rainy season brings a few short and intense thunderstorms, the sun always comes out in the end.

Overall, the period from May to June is the best time to organize your trip to Indonesia. It is the ideal season for diving or snorkeling (especially July and August).
The dry season allows you to plan your visits and excursions (islands, temples, hikes, rice fields, festivals, volcanoes, etc.), without worrying about possible rainfall. All you have to do is enjoy Indonesia's landscapes and all its cultural and natural riches.

Did you know?

No matter what time of the year you travel, there are many festivals organized in Indonesia throughout the year. For example, you can participate in the Bali Kite Festival in Bali, the Bali Spirit Festival in March, or see the beautiful candlelight show in Yogyakarta at the Borobudur Temple.

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