Discover Indonesia's dream beaches!

Indonesia is beautiful, volcanic and heavenly. This archipelago of thousands of islands, scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, conceals unsuspected natural treasures. It is an ideal destination for lovers of wilderness, outdoor activities, but also for lazing around!


When you arrive on Amed beach in Bali, you will be surprised by the color of the sand. Far away from the white sandy beaches of the rest of the country, Amed Beach is indeed covered with black sand. This makes Amed Beach a unique and original place, not to be missed during your stay in Bali.

Here, you will appreciate the authenticity and calm that emanate from the place. The small restaurants on the beach and the colourful boats on the sand contribute to the charm of Amed Beach. The place is also ideal for all diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, you will find some schools if you want to spend your first experience in Indonesia!

Lombok is home to one of the most original beaches in the world: Pink Beach! The pink beach of Lombok is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. An exceptional natural phenomenon makes it so unique: its pink sand. This exceptional colour is due to the thousands of red corals brought in by the sea, which mix with the clear sand.

The colour of the water is just as incredible, a little swim is tempting on Pink Beach! If you have the opportunity, stay and admire the sunset on the pink beach of Lombok, the colours are simply sublime and accentuate the pink of the sand. Magic.


Did you know?

Pink Beach in Indonesia is not the only pink sand beach in the world. Some other beaches around the world also experience this rare natural phenomenon, such as in Sardinia for example, or in California!

Enjoy the beaches in Indonesia through our resorts!


Nusa Penida is a small island very close to Bali. Accessible by boat, Nusa Penida has everything of a small paradise on earth. Looking for a dream beach in Indonesia? Head for Kelingking Beach! An exceptional panorama and a breathtaking view from the top of the cliff, which are deserved.

Indeed, the beach is rather preserved from the crowd since it is not easily accessible. A rather steep path leads to the beach, so a good physical condition is necessary to have the privilege of treading the golden sand of Kelingking Beach. But it is worth the detour, this beach in Indonesia is simply sublime, and the scenery is idyllic!

Out of time, you will be captivated by the beauty of Tanjung Aan beach in Lombok, one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. This white sandbank is surrounded by superb black rocks, which make all the charm of the place. A raw and wild place, still preserved from the crowd. Like an impression of the end of the world on this dream beach!

Take advantage of its clear water to improvise a little swim in this postcard setting, then enjoy the sun while lounging on the beach. Tanjung Aan beach is also an ideal starting point for scuba diving and discovering the richness of the Indonesian seabed.


The Gili Islands are small paradisiacal islets sheltering sublime beaches of immaculate white sand. True dreamlike scenery, let yourself be charmed by its bits of paradise lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

On the beaches of the Gili Islands, you will sometimes have the privilege of feeling at the end of the world, with water as far as the eye can see and coconut trees in the background. Whether you like to laze on the sand or are more adventurous, you will find your happiness on the beaches of Indonesia.

If you're a bit hungry, you can enjoy some Asian specialities on the go in one of the many beach huts. Are you a snorkeling fan? The Gili Islands are full of spots, each one more superb than the other.

Indonesia and its paradise islands are home to hundreds of dream beaches, each one more beautiful than the other, which will seduce you for sure during your trip to Indonesia!

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