Amazing Family

Club Med Bali

Introducing Amazing Family programme, launched in February 2019

At Club Med, we believe vacations are the best moment for creating family memories and bringing the family closer together. Enjoy quality time with the newly introduced programme which includes a fun-filled weekly agenda of activities from five categories…

Time to Move

A selection of energizing sports & games

Stay energised as a family while you enjoy active activities such as:
・ Soccer Bumper
・ Kite Competition
・ Olympic Games
・ Slip & Slide
・ Sand Castle Competition

Time to Play

Giant board games & collaborative activities

Disconnect from your digital devices and take the time to bond while enjoying giant life-size board games such as:
・ Giant Jenga
・ Molky
・ Giant Board Games
・ Twister
・ Connect 5

Time to Care

Caring for nature & the environment

Participate in meaningful activities for children to learn more about going green and the local Balinese culture:
・ Arts & Crafts*
・ Reusing Plastic Bags
・ Kite Crafting
・ Local cooking class (ages 12 and above)

*At extra cost

Time to Quest

Treasure hunt for the family

Take a walk in our resort and discover the rich local heritage with your little ones during the exciting digital treasure hunt, Club Med Play*.

*Available from end February 2019

Time to Celebrate

Memories that will last a lifetime

Complete the vacation with a party as a family, bringing home unique memories with:
・ Colour Party
・ Foam Party
・ Inflatable Castle
・ Family Snacks

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Harmonious Balinese culture

Club Med Bali beach resort invites you to a harmonious destination for the whole family. Dive into outdoor adventures like riding our world-class waves or simply uncover the beauty of local dance and colourful craft together. Rejuvenate and revitalise your body with a variety of curative experiences. From beachside yoga and Balinese spa treatments, to the freshest seafood and the perfectly mixed libations, this is where memories are made.

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