Gastronomyin Mauritius

Discover the multicultural inspirations of Mauritius and its colourful Creole culinary art!

If Mauritius is known for its mild climate and postcard landscapes, it also delights with its rich culinary heritage. The gastronomy of Mauritius is a festival of flavours with European, Asian and African influences.


Enjoy dishes such as chicken à la créole, vindaye with fish or even rougaille all over the island. So many dishes – so little time!

Mauritian recipes are often created with fish and seafood as it is the main source of protein on the island. Fish curry, also called fish vindaye, is a Creole dish with curry, mustard, ginger, chilli and fish. It’s very spicy and prepared with a variety of seafood.

Rougaille is another signature dish on the island. Prepared with meat or fish, garlic and tomato sauce, it is one of the favourites of Mauritians. If you are adventurous and courageous, opt for an octopus salad – it is very tasty and will not disappoint.

Samoussas are also a popular in Mauritius. Filled with tuna, potatoes or crab, they are tasty snacks enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Vegetarians can also indulge in Mauritius

Mauritian restaurants offer various vegetarian dishes, often presented as snacks served on well-stocked plates. For example, there are brèdes, the edible leaves of spinach, sorrel, watercress and more.

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Another island staple is chicken, particularly in Creole-inspired sauces. Prepared with rice, starchy foods and chatinis (spicy and spicy preparations most often created from vegetables and fish), ginger, curry or sweet and sour sauce, you’ll have your work cut out choosing your favourite.

Dholl puri is undoubtedly a favourite dish of Mauritian locals and visitors. It is a large pancake stuffed with chatini, rougaille, yellow split peas or curry. While it is sometimes available in restaurants on the island, you can always find it from a street vendor.

At the end of the meal, try alouda, a typical Mauritian drink. It is a kind of milkshake flavoured to your taste with vanilla, strawberry or almond. Because alouda always contains agar-agar (a gelling agent) and sometimes even tapioca pearls and basil seeds, the texture of this milk-based drink can be surprising.


Dholl puri can be eaten at any time of the day or night.

Dholl puri is a must-try during your Mauritius break. It’s perfect for breakfast but can be enjoyed any time of the day when you feel a little peckish.

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