The best spots to go
diving in Mauritius

Discover the most beautiful diving spots in Mauritius

With its white sandy beaches hemmed with coconut palms and turquoise blue waters, Mauritius is synonymous with an underwater paradise for diving enthusiasts. Enjoy scuba diving, sea kayaking, deep-sea fishing or even parasailing.



There is no shortage of sites where eager divers can observe schools of small reef fish such as the black spotted balloon fish, blue ray snapper or the squid fish. Venturing a little further offshore, you will discover hammerhead sharks, manta rays or barracudas.

The best dive sites in Mauritius are located on the west coast. Just a short distance from Flic-en-Flac, there are several wrecks are worth a dive.

They serve as artificial coral reefs and a refuge for a large population of fish and giant moray eels.

Diving in Mauritius: beyond the reef

When crossing the reef, more experienced divers can choose various sites to admire the lobsters, schools of barracudas and rail sharks, and discover caves and tunnels – the sea life’s favourite refuges!

Come and dive in Mauritius in all serenity.


A visit to the Grapefruit Garden is essential to experience tranquillity and revel in the surrounding rare specimens. It is a feast of colour and fragrance.

The 25-hectare estate owes its name to the neighbouring village where grapefruit is grown. Shaped as a labyrinth punctuated by shady avenues you’ll lose yourself among the more than 500 plant species.


Mauritius is a thrilling diving destination, with the reef populated by moray eels and the ballet of flying scorpion fish.

Shiver with delight at the shark pool where you can watch them gather at the entrance of the pit.

For underwater photography enthusiasts, Grand Bay will delight you for its light and prolific fauna. Divers can also discover the wreck of the Silver Star, sunk in 1992 and located at a depth of 39 m, it’s home to schools of batfish and angelfish.


Belle Mare on the east coast of Mauritius is a must for eager divers. In this part of the island the water is rich in plankton, attracting numerous pelagic fish.

The Belle Mare lagoon is perfect for first-time divers while the Belle Mare Pass is reserved for experienced divers. Here black-tip sharks and barracudas evolve in the middle of a soft coral valley.

What is submarine walking?

Invented in the Bahamas, this activity is a very unusual way to observe underwater life. Worthy of a Jules Verne novel, this way of exploration is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. A boat takes you to a platform moored near the reef. You’ll be equipped with a lead belt and a helmet before joining guides down a ladder to a depth of between 3 and 5 meters. Stroll through a spectacular garden of corals and sea anemones, and tempt zebra fish to feed from the palm of your hand!

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