Club Med is more than a destination it is a journey. One filled with emotions, and where every instant is a surprise, and every surprise outdoes the last Amazement spurred on by the unrelenting generosity of our exclusive services and activities and by the kindness & professionalism of our dedicated GOs.

widest-reaching sport school


Sports and activities are at the heart of Club Med. From everyday sports to offbeat trends, perfect your favourite sports or try your hand at a number of once-in-a-lifetime activities - who knows, you might reveal yet another hidden talent! From tennis to flying trapeze, from golf to cross-fit or from snowboarding to Nordic walking, immerse yourself in a world of GO supervised fun and professional coaching, whatever your age and whatever your level. Every day is sports day, so be ready!

N°20 - Unlocking Mountains
The chairlift pass to unlimited hiking
Treading a whole new world.
N°33 - Guided Freedom
Hikes and treks for every taste
Guided by passion.
N°37 - Unplanned Schedule
15 sporting options with experienced GOs
Where passion meets performance.
N°26 - Smooth Splash
Waterskiing and wakeboarding
Thrills on water.
N°14 - Partnership Doubles
Club Med teams up with Babolat
Prestigious Doubles.
N°4 - Professional Fun
Take your game to the next level
Learn from the best.
N°41 - Free Green
Unlimited golf in 23 of our villages
A little, a lot, passionately…
N°12 - Popularly Personal
The Autexier tennis coaching method
Group lessons one-on-one results.
N°34 - Daily Exclusives
Crossfit, Nordic walking, rock climbing
Trendy is the new standard.
N°3 - Standard Thrills
So many unfamiliar activities, one Cirque du Soleil
Fun like none other.

Nurturing Childcare


Entertaining your young ones is our passion. From our Baby corner all the way to our tailored teenage activities, we bring out the best in children, whatever their age. With childcare from 4 months old and sporting activities from 4 years old, your children will discover a whole new universe of friendly interaction and entertainment alongside professional and experienced GOs. Forging international friendships from a young age, all day & every day.

N°21 - Good to GO
Preparing your children for the day out
While you relax.
N°44 - Teen Tastic
GOs bring out the best in your teens
Opening their minds, opening their world.
N°45 - Baby Welcome
Everything you could ever need
For your baby and you.
N°16 - Customised Childcare
Childcare starting from 4 months with experienced GOs
Enjoy true peace of mind.
N°11 - Happy Homework
Waterskiing, mini-tennis, mini-golf…
The experiences of a lifetime, aged 4.
N°2 - Worldwide Playground
Friendships are international
Open your children's world.
N°30 - Scheduled Freedom
Extending childcare to suit your schedule
Holiday freedom, the way you see it.
N°19 - Little Chefs
Real baking lessons by Mini Club Med
Giving the little ones a taste for cooking.
N°39 - Little Stars
Giving your children center-stage
Let your kids reveal their true talent.
N°31 - Playful Passport
Your children's extensive sports education
Passionate about everything.

Gourmet Experience


There's no denying that food is an integral part of every holiday. That is why, at Club Med, you can indulge in the culinary experience of a lifetime. From traditional local dishes to gourmet international cuisine, with that signature French touch. Be it a themed buffet or table service, quality is in abundance. Freshly baked baguettes and pastries, French cheeses and fine wines are just the start of your daily culinary journey; a journey that is non-stop, because at Club Med, food is an all-day adventure.

N°27 - Worldwide Savoir-Faire
Enjoy international dining
From locally themed buffet to French touch cuisine.
N°18 - Freshly French
Bringing you crisp baked bread worldwide
A touch of France, everywhere.
N°5 - All Day Dining
Taste the world
However you like it
N°40 - Refined Refreshments
A wide selection of refined drinks and liquors
Mixology is also an activity.
N°29 - Cheese Mania
The finest for you.
N°22 - Gourmet Partners
Quality world renowned brands
Only the best for our guests.

Revitalising Relaxation


Sometimes your next best move is a step back. At Club Med, we acknowledge that and have put everything in place to accommodate you, your family and your well-deserved rest and recuperation. With Zen zones exclusively reserved for grown-ups, tranquility takes on a whole new meaning. All-inclusive swimming pools, hammams and saunas are proof that we provide "in-depth" relaxation. And why not take your holiday experience to the next level with our world's best spa brands.

N°17 - Zen Frenzy
From zen pools to tranquil ambiences
Peace, quite and grown-ups, nothing else.
N°8 - Spa Heaven
Just for you
The best world's spa brands.
N°6 - Non-stop Rest
Saunas, hammams, swimming pools
Intensely relaxing.

100% Club Med


Some experiences stay with you a lifetime. That is what we, at Club Med, strive to achieve. Our "Gentil Organisateurs" (GOs) devote all their time to ensuring yours become unforgettable. Fully committed to creating the perfect ambiences at every time of the day and throughout your entire stay, they are the answer to your every need. From pointing you in the right direction to guiding you on excursions, they are the soul of your stay. And with special care and attention dedicated to our newest "Gentils Membres" (GMs), your first stay is unlikely to be your last.

N°1 - Amazing GOs
Make your moments special
Thanks to our talented GOs.
N°36 - Instant Perfection
Tailored ambiences for each moment
Memories that last a lifetime.
N°9 - Good Aftermoon
From shows to live music
Choose it all, every night.
N°32 - Pampered New GMs
New members get the special welcome
The first of many perks.
N°7 - Insider Outings
The world's wonders for casual explorers
Go encounter.

Before Stay


Putting our "Gentils Membres" in the best possible conditions is what we live for. And believe it or not, this starts long before your stay. With more-than-attractive rates for early bookers and customisable features including full repatriation assistance, and from holding your bookings while you discuss your holiday to offering you travel arrangements with the best companies, Club Med's privileged one-to-one customer relation will ensure your journey and your stay are as smooth as the destination itself.

N°38 - Happy Deals
The best early booking value, guaranteed
The happiest spending.
N°28 - Holding Holidays
Put your booking on hold…
and feel the rush of taking your time.
N°13 - Premiere Prices
Special deals
For extra special holidays.
N°25 - Amazing Assistant
One-on-one bookings
Making your experience unique.
N°35 - Safe repatriation
Get full repatriation assistance
For relentless peace of mind.
N°10 - Virtually Real
Get a foretaste of your next holidays
Experience virtual reality.
N°23 - Mobile app
Information at your fingertips
Maximise your time with the App.
N°43 - Doorstep Travels
Travel with the best
Taken care of from Arrivals to your room.
N°42 - Welcome Abroad
Your personal shuttle service
Tailored to your stay.
N°46 - Easy Arrival
Sign-in to childcare and to ski classes, ski gear prepared in advance…
Save on some precious holiday time.