Set sail on the Club Med 2 for a gastronomic cruise:

Set sail for a veritable culinary journey on board the Club Med 2

Bit of a foodie?

A Michelin-starred chef and a well-known sommelier on board the ship will offer your memorable signature dinners, wine pairings and lectures on gastronomy.

Gourmet cruises

Gastronomy is centre stage on these Epicurean cruises, during which we will be pleased to welcome a renowned chef and well-known sommelier who will provide:

  • 3 signature dinners, repeated twice during the cruise, enabling all passengers to enjoy 3 evenings (must be booked): 1 amuse-bouche, 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert.
  • 1 themed lecture on gastronomy and oenology
  • Wine and spirit tasting workshops (must be booked and at an additional cost)
  • Discussions with passengers.

Other Theme Cruises