Why Families Love Club Med!

Happiness is in the air...

Happiness is here for the whole Family! Watch your children have fun, explore and make new discoveries as they embark on on a new extraordinary adventure every day! As for you - whether you're a beach lover or thrill seeker,[…]

Play around with Kids Clubs!

Our child care promise ensures an environment of Fun, Discovery and Creativity, making our childcare superior to any other. When engaged in activities that promote happiness and health; parents are content and untroubled about enjoying the finer things our resorts have to offer. Expert staff at our children’s clubs look after kids and teenagers and include activities that are designed to engage with children as small as 4 months* to 17 years. Our flexible program entertains kids for as long as you choose in dedicated areas away from relaxing guests. *At an extra cost

Our "a la carte" Excursions

At Club Med we produce exceptional holidays, but more than that we create resorts that offer the journey to explore, create and discover something new. Within our resort we capture the essence of local architecture, traditional dishes and native cooking or language classes, but the Club med journey extends far beyond our walls, as we offer guided excursions* to some of the planets pristine landscapes, historic sites and eye-opening experiences. *At an extra cost