Discover 3 of the most beautiful hikes in the different regions of the world for unforgettable holidays combining nature and adventure.

There is nothing like a hike in the middle of nature to help you unwind and exercise in beautiful surroundings. Discover the most beautiful hikes on the planet, from France to China, via Malaysia.

1. On the most beautiful trails in France

Between sea and mountain, from Corsica to Provence, there are numerous incredible family-friendly hiking trails. So pop on your backpack, whip out your camera and immortalise the wealth of panaoramic views along the way. Hardened hiker or gentle stroller, you can go on group walks that match your level, accompanied by a local guide.

Using the Club Med de Sant’Ambroggio Resort as your base, head off on the Corbara trails in Sant’Antonino, Corsica and discover a peaceful haven that overlooks the sea. If you're at Club Med Opio in Provence, head along the Valbonne plateau's trails that will take you to heights of Cannes. Breathe in the fresh air as you wind around olive groves and pine forests.

Discover the most beautiful hikes in France

2. Discover an enchanted region in China

Stay at Guilin, one of the most beautiful parts of the Middle Kingdom, and explore this enchanting, ancient karstic landscape. Enjoy a family hike around this open-air classified UNESCO World Heritage site. Go at your own pace and take a walk along the majestic River Li. Follow footpaths and trails that zigzag through bamboo copses and paddy fields. 

On foot, by raft or both, there are numerous ways you can explore this part of south west China. Take in picturesque sites including Fresco Hill, Yellow Cloth Beach or Langshi, also known as the "wave stone" village Enough to impress both old and young.

Set out from Guilin and explore southwest China.

3. Head towards the Malaysian jungle

Take a trip to Malaysia and immerse yourself in its tropical scenery and wildlife. Between nature and adventure, this is a place where you can explore untouched landscapes. 

Get away from it all in the calm surroundings of Club Med Cherating Beach, a Resort where respect for the environment is paramount. In the heart of this idyllic setting, you and you family can bring out your inner explorers. Available from age 4+ and suited to all levels, the adventurous Jungle Walk will be a highlight of your holiday.

Discover the Cherating Beach Resort

To make the most of your holiday, try the following 4 activities:

  • Spend a night in the jungle, home to macaques and gibbons Pump up your adrenalin by zip-lining between the trees Head out to sea on a catamaran Recharge your batteries on an untouched beach** **