A convivial moment of participation or a sporting excursion: the steps to follow to make your trek a success

Do you want to plunge yourself into the heart of nature and roam the paths, either gently or at a faster pace, with your family, your partner or a group? Begin your trek and explore the surrounding region. Once you have chosen your route, all you need to do is get your equipment.

Make sure you have the right gear for an enjoyable hike

Stunning peaks and lots of fresh air: the mountains are calling! Whether you plan to go at a slow pace or not, pop on your walking shoes and hit the great outdoors. But if you don't want to end up with aches and pains, it's vital you have the right gear.

First of all, invest in a lightweight daypack to carry your bits and bobs. Use it to carry necessary belongings, according to how long your hike will last.

The watchword? Hydration! Whether you go solo or in a group, make sure you have plenty of water to keep you hydrated during your walk. Likewise for food such as cereal bars to replenish your energy when you take a well-earned break.

Protect yourself from the sun by applying a sunscreen and wearing a cap and sunglasses. For a comfy hike, wear lightweight clothes, but keep a warm garment in your daypack if you're at a high altitude.

Finally, wear suitable sports shoes (running or hiking) so that you don't end up with blistered feet. You're now ready to scale the nearest peak!

Take a guided hike along new, exciting trails

Different levels, different themes Mountain hiking during summer is sheer joy. Whether nestled in a forest or located in a protected natural reserve, use a Club Med Resort as your base for a hiking holiday. In a group accompanied by a mountain guide, you can explore your holiday destination and make the most of nature while having a lot of fun.

With numerous trails on offer, choose a hike suited to your fitness and walking speed, and let your guide show you the way. Marvel at the scenery without worrying about losing your way. Your guide will be your leader! They will tell you all you need to know about the local landscape. The key word for a fun holiday hike? Flexibility! Find the hike that suits you, whether it's an entire day or just half a day.

Discover Club Med's best hiking spots

Hiking in charming Provence

Fancy an adventure in stunning surroundings? Head to the south of France with its singing cicadas and discover the Valbonne plateau in Provence. Hikes are a great way to admire the local olive groves, pine forests and lavender fields so typical of this region.

Stay at the Club Med Opio Resort in Provence on the heights of Cannes, and book a guide who will immerse you in local culture. Choose from six guided walks according to your level and enjoy 3 to 10 km hikes around the area. Whether you're in sporty or stroll mode, use this as a time to have fun with friends and family, with hikes that are suitable for kids from 11 upwards.

A stay in Opio means you can sample the delights of Provençal culture by visiting the Saint Trophisme Church, the Château des Evêques or even an olive oil mill.

Discover the Club Med Opio Resort in Provence