Let the G.O team guide you to the right class

Want to know what you should work on? At Club Med, the group sessions offered as part of the All-Inclusive Package are divided into different levels, so everyone can progress at their own speed. Sébastien Scott, head of the La Plagne 2100 Resort and the ESF and Club Med ski instructor team, gives you some pointers to help you decide your skiing ability level.

The right lesson for the right level

Once your registration has been confirmed (on the spot or online before you come), the head of the centre will organise the week according to the experience of each G.M®. In the case of a week-long stay, the first session will take place on Monday morning. You'll start by skiing over a hundred or so metres so the instructor can correctly assess your descent and put you in the right class. You'll be surrounded by people at a similar level, so you'll feel confident and more motivated than ever.

Starting skiing as an adult: advice and instructions

Consult this list to check your level of skiing experience.

  • Level A: You've never skied.
  • Level 1: You can manage a snow plough turn.
  • Level 2B: You can turn with the skis almost parallel.
  • Level 2B: You can turn with the skis parallel in a wide arc.
  • Level 3B: You've mastered the parallel turn.
  • Level 3A: You can ski on all types of pistes.
  • Level 4: You can ski on all types of snow and all terrains.

Here's a list of the levels:

  • Level 1: You've never surfed or maybe just for a few hours.
  • Level 2: You can turn both ways.
  • Level 3: You can control your speed and direction.

Children's ski levels with ESF

Starting from 3 years of age, your child can get their first experience of winter sports at Club Med with dedicated and professional support.

Here's a list of children's levels:

  • Piou-Piou: Your child is under 5 years of age.
  • Teddy Bear: Your child is five years old but has never skied.
  • Snowflake: They can slide and do a snow-plough stop.
  • 1st Star: they are still learning snow-plough techniques but can get their skis parallel between each turn.
  • 2nd Star: They are beginning parallel ski turns on blue pistes.
  • 3rd Star: They can parallel ski and keep their balance in a schuss.
  • Bronze Star: They can parallel ski and skid to a stop fast after picking up speed.
  • Gold Star: They can do several small turns in a row whilst controlling their speed. They can take off when skiing over a bump.
  • Freestyle Competition: They are starting to do well at giant slalom. They can change the rhythm and the radius of their turns and get the most out of their skis.

In practice at Club Med

The equipment is ready and waiting for you in the ski room, so you can arrive at the Resort stress-free. However, you can register on site, after check-in, from 4 pm to 8 pm on Sunday (for a one week stay).

Ski size: how to choose and how does it work?

As soon as you've paid for your stay, you can take advantage of the Easy Arrival option online that allow you to:

  • enter your shoe size and your weight
  • register each member of your family for lessons at the right level
  • register the necessary information for the supervision of your children

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